Anarchist Wire – AN80

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Anarchist Competition Nichrome wire brought to you by Anarchist MFG and ohmboyoc! Wire unlike nothing you've ever Built with... vape wire made by one of the worlds top coil builders in the game to date. Wire you can count on and is long lasting! There is a reason this wire is used in the top leading pre-bulit coils such as Mterk coils, Coilturd premade coils, Jboi prebuilt coils, Feenz coils and Squidoode Coils!

Anarchist Competition Wire is an extremely high-grade form of Nichrome and has very low electrical resistance. Please only purchase this if you are familiar with lithium-ion battery safety, Ohms Law and you already have experience using low resistance wires.

What's Included:

  • 15' of Anarchist Competition Grade Nichrome wire 

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