STLTH 5K Disposable - Quad Berry Ice


The STLTH box 5K disposable vape is a sleek and convenient option for those looking to switch to vaping. With a matte finish and a variety of flavours to choose from, this disposable vape has a liquid and battery indicator, allowing you to keep track of your usage easily. It has a capacity of 10mL of e-liquid and 20mg/mL, and an internal 600mAh battery, providing up to 5000 puffs.


    • Up to 5000 puffs
    • Liquid and battery indicators!
    • Rechargeable
    • Matte finish
    • 10 mL of e-Liquid
    • 20 mg/mL nicotine
    • Internal 600 mAh battery

    What's Included:

    • 1x STLTH 5K Disposable

    Canada Excise Duty Stamped Product

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