Allo ULTRA Disposable


Introducing the Allo ULTRA Disposable Puff Bar! The next step-up from the original disposables featuring the same unmatched flavours from Allo. Now with more power, puffs (800+), integrated mesh coil and smart chipset, you'll find even greater value in the Ultra platform!

Nicotine Strength: 20mg/mL

Banana Ice
You'll go absolutely bananas when you try our Banana Ice!

A balance of sweet and sour makes the perfect vape. Grapefruit offers juicy and sweet citrus that blends excellently.
Lychee Ice
This fruit is considered the rose of the fruit world with its pearly translucent flesh, tropical-floral aroma and delicate delicious flavour.  Our Allo Lychee Ice Flavor Disposable is as exotic as it is imaginable. True to taste, it lures the palate to faraway places with its uncommonly pleasing flavour.
Mango Ice
Our delicious Allo Mango Ice Flavor Disposable is made from a blend of mangoes from all growing regions.  This velvety smooth vape has a hint of sugar and mint added to accentuate its truly tropical flavour notes.
With its rich rusty orange colour and velvety mouth-feel, this common fruit is uncommonly flavorful. This delicious Allo Peach Flavor Disposable vape is sure to deliver the finest floral aroma and characteristics of field-ripened peaches.
Pineapple Ice
The savoury notes of this delightful Allo Pineapple Ice Flavor Disposable vape will remind you of Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Combined with a hint of mint, this pineapple flavour vape is an all-around champion.
Pink Lemon
Pink Lemon is a classic flavour. You won't find another marvellous vape with this sweet, zingy and tangy perfection!
Freshly picked and sweet.

VC Original
Allo VC Original...can you guess what flavour this is?
Hint: Vani**a Cust**d


  • More Puffs. Now with 800+ puffs, you get more value per puff.

  • Integrated Mesh Coil. Offering excellent flavour performance that is normally found on more advanced vaping hardware.

  • Smart Chipset. Auto-regulates wattage preventing dry hits and burns giving you that consistent vape all the way to the end.

  • Longer Lasting. Comes with 3.8mL of e-liquid and 550 mAh battery capacity that will last even longer.

  • Peace of Mind. Comes standard with over inhaling and short circuit protection.

What's Included:

  • 1x Allo ULTRA Disposable Puff Bar

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